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Editorial Team
Executive Team
Paul C. Hébert (Editor-in-Chief) [Competing Interests]; Rajendra Kale (Executive Editor) [Competing Interests]; Leesa Sullivan (Managing Editor)
Research and Editorials
John Fletcher (Deputy Editor, Research); Matthew B. Stanbrook (Deputy Editor) [Competing Interests]; Ken Flegel (Senior Associate Editor) [Competing Interests]; Morris Blajchman [Competing Interests], Marsha Cohen [Competing Interests], Peter Magner (Associate Editors, Research) [Competing Interests]; Rollin Brant, Stan Shapiro [Competing Interests], George Wells (Biostatistical Consultants) [Competing Interests]
Diane Kelsall (Deputy Editor, Clinical Practice); Dorian Deshauer (Associate Editor) [Competing Interests]; Sharon Straus (Associate Editor, Guidelines) [Competing Interests]; Jayna M. Holroyd-Leduc (Associate Editor, Reviews); Noni MacDonald (Section Editor, Population and Public Health) [Competing Interests]
News and Humanities
Barbara Sibbald (Deputy Editor, Analysis and Humanities) [Competing Interests]; Allan Peterkin (Adviser, Humanities); Wayne Kondro (News Editor); Roger Collier (News Journalist); Lauren Vogel (News Journalist); Laura Eggertson, Paul Christopher Webster, Cal Woodward, Nancy Benac, Quentin Casey (Regular contributors, News)
Manuscript Editing, Preparation and Translation
Kate Schissler, Sheila Strong, Sarah Currie, Peggy Robinson, Kate Brown (Manuscript Editors); Erin Driscoll, Kelly Clarke, (Editorial Coordinators)
Manuscript Submissions
Carole Corkery (Editorial Administrator); Wilma Fatica (Submissions and Peer-review Coordinator)

Emilia Nowakowska (Senior Executive Assistant) 613 520-7116 (2036); [email protected]

Communications and Partnerships

Kim Barnhardt (Senior Strategist, Communications and Partnerships) 613 520-7116 (2224); [email protected]

Kathryn Freamo (Production Manager); Nicole Barbeau, Carole Lalonde, Clara Walker (Production Assistants)
Electronic Publishing
Holly Bodger (Associate Director, Publications); Shirley Waddell (Electronic Publisher)
Former Editors-in-Chief
Noni MacDonald (Interim) 2006–2007; John Hoey 1996–2006; Bruce Squires 1987–1996; David Woods 1985–1987; Peter Morgan 1982–1985; Andrew Sherrington 1980–1981; Jack Wiggin 1977–1980; David Shephard 1976–1977; James R. Anderson 1969–1975; Gordon T. Dickinson 1966–1969; Donald C. Graham 1960–1965; Stanley Gilder 1955–1960; Hugh Ernest MacDermot 1942–1955; A.C. Nicholls 1930–1942; A.D. Blackader 1919–1929; Andrew Macphail 1911–1918
Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
Paul-Émile Cloutier, Secretary General and CEO
Bruce Squires, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs
Jeffrey M. Turnbull, CMA President
Glenda Proctor, Director and Publisher, CMA Publications
Reprints and Permissions
Janis Murrey (Program Manager, Journals) [email protected]
Career/Classified/Display Advertising

Laurie McLeod, Susan Ritchie, Deborah Woodman [email protected]; tel 613 731-9331 ×2041 or 2107; fax 613 565-7488

Marketing and Advertising Sales
CMA Media Toronto: Blair Graham 416 850-1485; Trish Sullivan 905 330-8770; Montréal: Gabriel Boisjoly 514 271-2339,#2